Jodi Farrell and Peirano’s Restaurant Present:

A Singer-Songwriters’ Dinner Event

This singer-songwriter event showcases amazing and talented musicians. The bios below are a glimpse into their musical journey and influences.

Lainey Brown headshot

Lainey Brown

Lainey is a college student studying visual communications at Brigham Young University Idaho. While she works towards a bright future with her career goals, her passion and dreams have always been to release her own music someday. When she sings and writes she often feels like her over-dramatic 12-year-old self again writing songs on her bedroom floor. Lainey is excited to get to perform her music today and hopes the audience may be able to connect to her lyrics and feel the messages that she sings.

Aaron Burch

Aaron Burch is a music producer and a leader in the field of artist development.

He has worked with many artists including Chord Overstreet from Glee and the famous "Pink Corvette lady" of Hollywood Billboard fame, Angeline. Aaron is the owner of Burch Studio, a recording facility in the beautiful Ventura Theater Building in Downtown Ventura where he has assembled a team of great session players and a grammy award winning mix engineer to make records.

As a music educator, Aaron has run an artist and band development program for over 15 years with a focus on production and songwriting for teens. His students have gone to be in successful bands the Bad Suns, Pushing Veronica, and Sir Please, and to sing background for Bobby McFerrin. Aaron has 3 albums out with 2 more to come this year now that the AMAZING Jodi Farell has helped him find his voice.

Dylan Brehm

Dylan Brehm has been performing in his hometown of Ventura, California, since he was 10 years old. His passion for music started at a very young age and since then he hasn’t looked back. He plays guitar and sings in his band, Looking West, and also writes and performs his own music. His musical influences include Neil Young, Paul McCartney, and The Police.

Olivia Mucha

Olivia Mucha is a 12-year-old singer-songwriter from Ventura. She writes songs inspired by the kaleidoscopic sights, sounds, and feelings of young adolescence. Long dubbed 'an old soul' by any adult who knows her, her songwriting reflects a keen attention to detail, the human condition, simple pleasures, and the struggles that we all confront. She offers younger listeners a mature yet relatable filter, and adult listeners a refreshing and catchy purity; all bound in breezy melodies. Olivia plays guitar, piano, ukulele, and has recently picked up violin.

When not writing music you can find Olivia at Data Middle
School, enjoying nature - whether backpacking or surfing, or
hanging with her friends.

Olivia Mucha. Album-Spring Street:



Jodi Playing Guitar

Jodi Farrell

Jodi Farrell has been a music instructor here in Ventura for the past 28 years. She teaches music lessons in voice, guitar, and piano to both beginners and experienced performers at her private studio in midtown Ventura located at 1926 E. Main St. Ventura CA 93001 Jodi has received the honored title and award of “Best Music Teacher in Ventura County” from the VC Reporter poll 2010 & 2011, and remained in the top 3 each year since. In 2019, 2020 & 2021 Jodi, again, received the honored title and award from the VC Reporter’s poll. In 2016, Jodi received the Mayor’s Arts Award for Arts Educator in Ventura County. Her students have achieved recognition and awards for their participation in local competitions, such as the Spotlight Awards and National High School Musical Theatre Awards. Jodi even has students performing in international touring bands and a few alumni on the great stages of Broadway. Currently, Jodi works with Jim Rankin as a duo group, playing bass and guitar and singing at venues throughout the Ventura County.